Gabriela Novaro
  Gabriela is a native porteña (resident of Buenos Aires) tango singer whose voice and style are rich with musical skill, sensitivity and power developed during a life-long love affair with music. She began at an early age studying classical voice and piano, moved to stylings of contemporary jazz and performances with well-known Argentine jazz musicians, and then she was irresistibly drawn to the poetry and musical intricacy of tango. Singing tango has become her passion and she has performed at various Buenos Aires venues including the Teatro San Martín, Centro Cultural de la Cooperation, Teatro Roma de Avellaneda, Academia Porteña del Lunfardo, Fundación Jorge Luis Borges, Auditorio RA Nacional, Café Homero, and Centro Torcuato Tasso, among others. In March of 2009, Gabriela appeared by invitation at the 8th International Cumbre (Conference) del Tango in Bariloche, Argentina, singing songs from her first CD, Otra Historia

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